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Overview As a fund manager investing infrastructure projects, KIAMCO participates mainly in privately invested or private finance initiative (PFI) projects as a financial investor. It recently entered the independent power plant market and Extended its investments to overseas. In addition, it manages shipping funds to support marine industries. It also provides loan agency services for financial institutions that participate in project financing. Private finance initiative projects are designed to utilize the creativity and efficiency of the private sector by enabling private investors to build and operate roads, ports, railroad, schools, environment and other infrastructure facilities. PFI projects are classified into BTO (Build-Transfer-Operate) and BTL (Build-Transfer-Lease) depending on the project implementation structure.

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Independent power plants  have been promoted as part of the restructuring of the Power supply market   since the 1990s.  Private companies have participated in that sector as they could secure a stable revenue provided by SMP (System Marginal Price) and CP (Capacity Charge) under the Electric Utility Service Act. Other Services. - Agency service - Loan arranging service