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Power / Energy / Resources The demand for electricity has been constantly growing because of its easiness to use and environmentally friendly aspect compared to other sources of energy. Especially, the demand for construction of extra power plants is increasing because of the rapid growth in electricity demand that led to a decrease in electric power reserve rate. KIAMCO does not only invest in traditional types of energy plants that use fossil fuels such as LNG or coal, but also in renewable energy plants that use solar and BFG.

Major Investment Projects

Pocheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant - Pocheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant is a project that constructs and operates a 1,500MW LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant in order to enhance electricity supply to the capital area. Its construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014 and KIAMCO has invested 240 billion KRW including 44.4% of the equity stakes.
Cogenerating Power Plant, Suwan, Gwangju - This project is a LNG cogeneration power plant that supplies heat and electricity to newly built residential areas such as Suwan, Hanam and the high-tech district. KIAMCO has invested 110 billion KRW including 50% of the equity stakes.
Gochang Solar Park - Gochang Solar Park is a 15MW solar power generation facility located at Gochang-gun, Jeollanam-do, the 3rd largest of those types in Korea and KIAMCO has invested 110 billion KRW holding the entire equity stakes of the company.
Chilgok sewer pipe - This project consists of installing sewer pipe with a length of 124km for a hygienic treatment of sewage from each household of Waegwan, Buksam and Ilwon, Yakmok, and KIAMCO has invested 40 billion won. Once the construction is completed, the treatment cost of sewage will decrease due to the improvement of overall water quality treatment efficiency.