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Education, Cultural and Environment facilities

Social & Welfare infrastructure facilities KIAMCO has invested 1.5trillion KRW in BTL projects such as schools, museums, sewer pipes and military barracks that improves social welfare and environment. These facilities contribute to the improvement of local societies welfare, environmental protection and military personnelĄ¯sĄ¯ residential environment.

Major Investment Projects

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology - A college education facility to train science & technology specialists in Gyeongbuk region and research development in the field of high-tech business that improves the regionĄ¯s overall development. The construction is scheduled to be completed by June 2014, and KIAMCO has invested 96.3 billion KRW.
Andong Culture & Art Center - Andong Culture & Art Center protects and develops Andong regionĄ¯s culture and art, and satisfies northern Gyeongbuk citizensĄ¯ cultural desire. KIAMCO has invested 28.3 billion KRW, and the center that has the best sounding and lighting system will vitalize AndongĄ¯s cultural property and allow local residents to harmonize with each other.
Chilgok sewer pipe - This project consists of installing sewer pipe with a length of 124km for a hygienic treatment of sewage from each household of Waegwan, Buksam and Ilwon, Yakmok, and KIAMCO has invested 40 billion won. Once the construction is completed, the treatment cost of sewage will decrease due to the improvement of overall water quality treatment efficiency.
The state-owned sludge resource facility - The facility recycles sludges from 7 state-owned sludge treatment facilities(Chungju, Dalsung, Kyungsang, Iksan, Jinju, Yeosu(Jungheong), Yeosu(Walnae). Our company has invested 10 millions USD. As discharge of sludge in seawater has been banned to prevent sea pollution, we expect that the facility will significantly contribute to eco-friendly growth via reuse of waste and renewable energy.