Investment Status

Logistics/Development/Marine Finance

Logistics/Development/Marine Finance KIMCO offers high value investment opportunities in shipping and logictics through its comperhensive network, expertise and experience providing structured and innovative financing solutions to our clients. shipping and logistics are the key groth engines of KIMCO and we are planning to expand further to LNG, oil and grain terminals.

Major Investment Projects

PyeongTaek Dongbang I-Port co., LTD - PyeongTaek Dongbang I-Port is a new Container Terminal which consists of three 30,000DWT berths, built in order to improve rapidly increased logistics process to China. The port has been operating since the completion of its construction in 2010. KIAMCO has invested 32 billion KRW including 20% of the equity stakes.
KIAMCO/KDB Shipping Fund (KKSF) - KKSF is Koreas first fund raised by USD that supports liquidity to domestic shipping companies to help their financial stability. KKSF provides funds with Sale & Lease type.
Seoul Dongnam-Gwon Logistics Complex KDB KIAMCO is investing 120 billion KRW in a project developing and operating an urban logistics complex situated on Song-pa district of Seoul. The complex is currently under construction and scheduled to open in 2014.